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About Newtons – 40 Years of Building Surveys

Graham Newton - Building Surveyor

Graham C Newton

Born and bred in Esher, Surrey, one week after the start of WWII, as the son of a Chartered Quantity Surveyor, educated at KCS Wimbledon and Brixton School of Building, (now the University of the South Bank where he returned as a Senior Lecturer in Surveying), Graham brings a wealth of historic experience and current on-going CPD training to Newtons Building Surveyors. His wartime house was hit by a ‘doodle-bug’ bomb and he can recognise a war time prefab even when brick clad as well as the 900 sq ft houses built in the post WWII Building Licence period.

A brief venture as a Commercial Estate Agent, also offering turn-key property ‘find and fit’ services to commercial clients, put his design, project management and cost control skills to the test followed by many encouraging accolades. The last 30 of the 40+ years of Newtons professional practice, established in 1 West Street, Woking in 1974, have revolved around private house purchasing clients offering an intensely personal service providing peace of mind and bright minded design solutions to ensure that each property meets their needs. Some have returned after 25+ years.

With 6 children and 5 grand-children petrol head Grand-dad Graham ‘Brrm-Brrm’ has a small collection of classic cars and is still a keen advanced motor-cyclist. He knows Surrey and the South-west corridor from London like the back of his hand as well as its unique property values.