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Three Types of Survey and their differences

Building Survey Level 3Level 3 Building Survey (formerly called a Structural Survey)

Full building surveys generally last 2 – 6 hours (plus the site meeting time). Buildings of all ages, sizes or styles can be surveyed and period buildings are a special interest of Newtons Building Surveyors. “Snagging Inspections” of new properties are equally thorough.

Our inspections are very detailed and take in both the interior and exterior with comments on the service installations such as electrical wiring, gas and plumbing plus central heating and the drains. We will look at every element of the building that can be seen with safety and without undue difficulty including roof voids, flat roofs accessible from a 3m (10ft) ladder, cellars, outbuildings, site boundaries and trees in as much depth as is possible without damaging the fabric or contents of the building.

The report will include guidance on remedial works and maintenance and a detailed comment on individual defects and their likely impact on value, as well as comments on possible improvements, if appropriate.

What does it cost?

The fee without VAT or other extras, will vary according to the type, size, value and location of the property. Newtons minimise the cost to you by reporting on a concise report form often dictated on site and always specific to each property suitably expanded to cope with the detailed findings without the use of computer generated standard phraseology.

This 10 – 15 page report will give you an intelligible and comprehensive but concise report taking less time and expense than the typical 40+ page report produced by others, all too often padded out with white space and waffle in our experience. It contains considerably more detail than would be provided in a standard computer generated Homebuyers Report.

NB: our charges for a full Building Survey are usually found to be considerably less than the standard charge by others for the more limited Homebuyers Survey and Valuation and their price does not include a site meeting or thorough investigation of the service installations. In our experience Lenders will quote exorbitant fees and a long delay if you press them to quote for a full Building Survey.



Building Survey Level 2Level 2 Home Condition Survey

This report is often chosen if you are buying a modern conventional house, flat or bungalow, built from conventional building materials and in a reasonable condition. The survey will be undertaken by a mature experienced and well qualified Surveyor – Home Inspector working to a detailed check list and routine, resulting in a comprehensive report usually via email for speed.

Graham Newton acts as Mentor to at least 2 such surveyors and may well meet you on site with them at the end of the survey.


Building Survey Level 1Level 1 Mortgage Valuation

If you are buying a home with the assistance of a mortgage, the lender will usually commission a valuation report to confirm whether the property offers adequate security for the loan. Whilst the valuer will take into account the general condition of the building, his or her valuation will be based on a brief, superficial inspection of the property. It is important to remember that, although it is usually paid for by you, the purchaser, the valuation is intended solely to satisfy the requirements of the lender. It is not a survey – and you should not rely on it when deciding whether or not to proceed with the purchase.

In these circumstances, therefore, you would be well advised to commission an independent survey report in addition to any mortgage valuation, which will provide more comprehensive information and advice.