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Building Survey Quotation

building survey quotation

Because of our constant aim to provide a truly personal service we always invite you to record a telephone number so that we can respond in person and learn more of your property aspirations with a view to tailoring our Building Survey quotation and service to your needs in as short a time frame as we can offer to suit your needs.   Please expect a telephone call from Graham or one of our team who, when appropriate, will act immediately to:-

  • secure an appointment for the Building Survey
  • arrange a time for an on-site meeting after the survey
  • tell you about the mechanics of the detailed Building Survey
  • how we inspect the building, service installations, drains, outbuildings, grounds, boundaries and trees

Sadly it is not possible to give any guidance on Building Survey fees here as they will vary according to the type, size, value and location of the property. Graham or the team will advise you further re fees during your preliminary discussion.

It would help to expedite matters if you could supply:

  • Your present address for correspondance
  • The name, address and telephone number of the Vendor’s Estate Agents


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